Sunday, June 28, 2009

Surviving DC Summer 09: Avoid the Red Line and Crazy Elderly Bigots at Holocaust Museum.

I have a thing for chinese wave illustrations.

My favorite thing in the world is now Tapas.

Howard Dean was in my Metro car. My first DC celebrity! Thinner in person.

A lot going on in the sports world: I'm insanely happy Shaq's being traded, because he ruined everything the Suns had going for them. And, though heartbreaking, I think it's ultimately good for the world that soccer glory remains an elusive sport for the United States.

It's been a frustrating and busy week for me as far as legislation and issues are concerned, but Saturday morning I was walking toward Georgetown and out of nowhere comes this massive march of people peaceably protesting the elections in Iran. 
I started crying, literally overwhelmed by how amazing it is that I live in a country where opinions can be voiced without shots being fired. How healthy that is for a country. And how much I take that for granted.

Most importantly, come to me and my friend Emily's PARTY for all things Michael, Farrah and 4th of July!