Sunday, June 21, 2009

Because I Feel Like I Have So Much More To Say Than Twitter Allows...


Bill Clinton is speaking at the Conference I'm currently working on.

I believe in public education 110 percent. State school kids are my kinda people.

My Mom is the new Assistant Dean at the Architecture College. Basically, she kicks ass.

I am insanely busy. Work sucks up your entire day. And all you want to do when you get home is curl up to watch TV and fall asleep. Eeeeeeks.

I really just love getting dressed in the morning.

I love this city.

I love nights out in this city.

I feel like I'm living what I believe in, if that even makes sense...

I feel lost as to what the next step is.

I miss the comfort of school awaiting me in the fall. 

I am gaining a crash course in hardcore budgeting.

I really really miss my life in Oklahoma, especially especially my friends. 

I'm sad I didn't get to see Christa skip down the aisle at Jamie and Joe's wedding (of the Century).'s stuff like that I miss the most.

I love listening to Mykonos by Fleet Foxes. Could listen to it forever.

It's also Father's Day, thus a big shout out to Kelley Callahan!

So awhile ago, I was at home for a weekend and I rented MILK (so so good) and my Dad watched it with me. 
And when it was finished, he turned to me and says, in reference to Harvey Milk, "Now that's a hero."

And in that moment, it struck me how heroic my Dad is. 
That I was raised in an atmosphere where I can easily watch MILK with a Dad who has no qualms calling a gay man heroic. 
With a Dad who, despite loving and living and breathing sports and wanting five boys, was raised by a single mom and two sisters and has three artsy daughters who he has supported wholeheartedly, so that they've never second guessed their place in the world or their abilities.
With a Dad who read novels to me every single night when I was little: To Kill a Mockingbird (my Dad will always be Atticus Finch to me), Babbit, The Hobbit, Tony Hillerman detective novels...
With a Dad whose thoughtful intelligence has evidenced itself in his answers to my bazillion questions and the way he rarely talks about politics, but repeatedly placed Obama and Rice signs in the front yard in quiet defiance after every midnight steal.

So, I love my Dad.