Sunday, June 21, 2009

National Building Museum.

Okay, so my DC must see is the Arlington Cemetery. Because it's incredibly moving and poignant and sacred and stirring and beautiful. 

And jazz in the Sculpture Gardens during Friday afternoon happy hour is perfection.

Oh, and early morning runs past the State Department, Lincoln Monument and reflecting pool. So worth waking up for.

But I also went to the National Building Museum this weekend and loved it. There were all these really cool, random exhibits.

For instance: 

Architecture of Authority by Richard Ross, which are all these haunting, clinical photographs of structures where people are submitted to authority: everything from prisons, high school hallways, the DMV, Cambodian torture chambers, interrogation rooms, Guantanamo Bay, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's office, airport customs...

How the Other Half Worships by Camilo Jose Vergara, which pairs amazingly gritty photographs with a sociological examination of these storefront churches converted from laundromats and car repair shops in these really poor, desperate areas

Green Community which is this study of how different cities are combating urban sprawl, innovating and seeking sustainability. Fascinating! (Portland wins for best city ever, by the way).
It further sparked my newest career interest: urban planner. I am officially obsessed with how all the different components of a city function.

...I really love museums. Especially when they're free.