Wednesday, May 30, 2012

super duper summertime post!

(perspective for mornings spent cleaning out the fridge of all perishables thanks to a power outage from a freak hailstorm that cracked my windshield and broke my bedroom window in a quite comical set of events, setting the scene with: mattress shoved into bathroom, pad thai kitchen disaster, every towel in the house soaking wet, etc.)

instead, focus on:
my Memorial Day weekend, which was so perfectly summer:
with the sunburn to prove it.
staying at a gorgeous lake house (thanks William & fam!) (i'd been hearing about this lake house long enough to build it up to a place of legend).
near the Fin & Feather - the perfect name for an Oklahoma lake resort.
and Soda Steve's - the perfect name for a lake food stop.
porch views.
tequila porch views.
Cooler Ranch Doritos.
orange slices.
the way wonderbread-esque sandwiches elevate to a whole new level when eaten on a boat out on the water - best if flattened in your pocket, according to Walker.
just the pure joy of jumping off the side of a boat.
corn on the cob.
dogs: loulou & piper.
watching several employees of the local grocery store swarm Walker with their advice on which watermelon to choose.
plus, filing away the character descriptions of two teenage boys for some later novel.

my current summer read: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach.
i may already be declaring it the favorite of the summer.

current summer listening: Drake, Gary Clark Jr., Wilco, and The Black Keys will be on heavy rotation.
plus, a few singles courtesy of the lake...
Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)
Take Me Home Tonight
A Real Hero

some summer movie action - mostly due to a recent movie trailer binge:
Beasts of the Southern Wild (wowza.)
To Rome With Love (i mean, Woody and Italy, eeee!)
Rock of Ages
The Dark Knight Rises
(...not to mention somehow, someway, someday seeing the Tree of Life.)

other things i'm into:
Kombucha Multi-Green: because it has this crazy saltine cracker aftertaste!
this poem by Sabrina Orah Mark.
trolling the internet for NBA sports commentary: Thunder v. Spurs is dominating my life right now.
weekend planning.