Tuesday, May 15, 2012

summer's crossing.

beautiful weddings galore! this one pictured - with my sistah in town.
mint + succulents.
a Frieda postcard from my cousin, made even more special because it was sent from Mexico.

my boyfriend is hiking in Yosemite right now, followed by a trip to the giant redwoods. so i'm here seething with jealously and insisting everyone read The Wild Trees.

especially after last night's game, the Thunder just make me so happy!

recommended listening: B.B. King, How Blue Can You Get. because it includes the lyric: I bought you a ten dollar dinner, and you said, "Thanks for the snack!"

my thoughts on the summer:
"Pale pastels and Santa Fe hues feel very refreshing right now. We just want to dress like retired writers who live in Santa Fe — the woman who has been wearing her same Mexican chemise and French sandals for 30 years...."

also on summer, i'm currently reading Summer Crossing by Truman Capote. and i couldn't have timed its' coming into my life more perfectly.