Thursday, March 1, 2012

take care.

My birthday present to Walker was tickets to the Drake concert which went down Tuesday night.
It also happened to be my first ever rap concert and IT WAS SO AWESOME.
In part because for some mysterious, magical reason our tickets got upgraded upon arrival.
But mostly because, in addition to being a great lyricist, Drake puts on a dynamic, fun, sexy, personal performance in an arena complete with laser lights and neon mini skirts.
Walker and I left all smiles, a result I now think should really be the entire goal of the concert-going experience.

I had actually wanted to start off this post with the frustration of my utter inability to blog.
I want to blame it on being too busy, but that's such a cop out.
(...I make time for Thunder games, Downton Abbey, Lake Hefner bike rides double timed, too frequent trips to Whole Foods, mind-numbed internet surfing, etc.)
The real culprit it always, always, always not having the will or the energy.
I fall dead asleep every night completely drained - which should be a great feeling, I want to give my all to the day.
But instead I feel disheartened by the fact that I've devoted zero time in months and months to the things I really, truly, deeply love in life: reading and writing. (Appellate Briefs do not count).
I can't summon the energy to finish one long form link off the Longreads Twitter feed!!?
My mind forms a complete blank every time I try to think up a post.
And ever getting around to writing that novel? Currently laughable.
I'm not making any promises or grand resolutions at the moment (again, just don't have the energy), but I do feel a renewed determination to figure out how to make the things I really take innate joy and meaning from an integral part of my future.