Thursday, March 29, 2012

st. louis in the details.

So this post lacks evidence of our entire reason for the road trip: to watch a NHL hockey game with Walker's roommate back in Israel, Joe, as in Joe from Ohio.
The St. Louis Blues v. the Columbus Blue Jackets.
(um, NHL-level hockey games are awesome - had no idea about the fighting being totally allowed, if not encouraged).

To me, St. Louis felt like Detroit. Except I've never been to Detroit, so it's a Chrysler commercial imagined version: deserted, gray, epic architecture, old industry, Eminem (or native son Nelly) thumping in the background.
This impression had a lot to do with the fact that (thanks to Walker's sister's connects) we stayed at this beautifully restored historic train station turned hotel - except that it connected to this gigantic, cheesy, Hard Rock Cafe-type mall. With absolutely no people in it. On a weekend. It was a depressing juxtaposition. That being said, all "downtowns" are kinda depressing/desolate on weekends.

I would recommend:
Maibock from Morgan Street Brewery.
And barbecue from Pappy's. (We got lucky we were there on a Sunday, so Walker could indulge in eating meat).
Plus, Kelly Sheline's recommendation of looking around at Central West End. Huge Catholic identity.
And Citygarden with its' popular-modern sculptures. A little "been there, done that" - but still a really nice idea.