Wednesday, May 18, 2011

mrs. sip.

One of my favorite things about dating Walker is taking trips with Walker. Day trips, weekend trips, international trips - I treasure them all.

This past weekend we made our third (and likely final) trip to Oxford, Mississippi to see his sister Ashton graduate from Ole Miss.
I feel incredibly blessed that through the bottomless generosity of the Robins family, I've been able to get to experience this singular place, this miraculous other world.

The South.
I could spend hours upon hours gazing at the historic homes. Out of story books.
The way the kudzu completely takes over.
The huge, blossoming magnolia trees.
The telltale SEC bowl cut.
Ellen! Ashton's adorable pet bunny rabbit.
The names at Ashton's graduation ceremony: Daiquiri being the favorite.
The biscuits at Big Bad Breakfast.
My new favorite cocktail discovery at Snack Bar. Rose infused, yes please. I love the art form of it. Oh, and the Boudoin sausage. And the blackberry pie.
Square Books, maybe my favorite bookstore in all the whole wide world. The way I treasure my book purchases from there.
The long waits at restaurants that inevitably lead to drinking too much at the bar on an empty stomach.
Faulkner's grave.
The way I think of my scratchy-voiced AP English teacher with her lilting Southern drawl. Her complete disdain for high school students and her infectious love for The Sound and the Fury. Oh to have something in life you find that much genius in.

(a more comprehensive city guide via design sponge).