Monday, September 20, 2010

done in earnest.

Walker and I experienced a moment in church last night which we decided can only be described in terms of Napoleon Dynamite. Love the movie or hate the movie, the thing that made it stand out were these painfully bizarre moments performed in absolute earnestness.

Two Hispanic girls in identical, floor-length jean skirts singing worship songs in Spanish, with the occasional there is none but you, Jesus thrown out in English, while one accompanied by playing outer space music on her Casio keyboard. Meanwhile, a woman in the audience banged and jangled on a tambourine as if she were accompanying Moroccan belly dancers.

It was done with such oblivious heart and conviction, that somehow it worked. It was moving. It kind of made you realize these are the completely uncontrived moments to live for.

Boardwalk Empire seems promising judging from the first episode.
Pictures above found here. I just liked 'em.