Wednesday, June 16, 2010


(Beautiful wedding shots by Taryn).

My best friend since the 6th grade Michelle Worden got married on Sunday to Chris Bates, officially making her Michelle Bates, resident of Memphis, Tennessee and counseling grad student.
...we can deal with the psychological ramifications this is having on me later.

Michelle is my bell. Pre-teen and teen years of unadulterated bliss. Snocone summers. Enough inside jokes to make it to the moon and back.

And important weddings are hard to grasp in the moment, it all feels like it flies by your face in a rush. Leaving you a little empty after the cake has been cut and the crudely decorated getaway car has driven away.

But I did cry three times:
Once at the rehearsal dinner, watching the pictures flick by on the slideshow and witnessing how happy Michelle seemed in every single shot. A girl with a happy life.
And again when we got to see Chris and Michelle see each other for the first time right before the wedding, and it hit me how much my friend is completely loved.
And when Michelle walked down the aisle with the important music playing, her bouquet covering her face as she was so characteristically excited. A totally official, this-is-really-happening moment.