Friday, June 25, 2010


This trailer looks so good (seen at A Cup of Jo)! Mostly because I love family dynamics, but also because I've had a huge thing for Mark Ruffalo since my beloved 13 Going On 30.
Recently watched him in Shutter Island.
And also, I think Walker looks like him. Wink, wink.

I would also list Lee Pace as a current celeb crush - from Pushing Daisies and, especially, The Fall. There's just something about his face and the eyebrows and his quiet, subtle acting ability.

Past celebrity crushes have included:
Robert Pattinson. Especially from when he played Cedric in the 4th Harry Potter movie. Yup.
Jim Halpert. I'm sure this one wouldn't be pushed into the past except I haven't watched The Office in forever.
Dean from Gilmore Girls.
Followed by Jess from Gilmore Girls.
Christian Bale. Circa Little Women.
Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal.
Heath Ledger. Circa A Knight's Tale.
Prince William. Yes, I even proudly pranced around in an overpriced shirt from Juicy Couture that read Prince William Is A Fox. So embarrassing. But even now, when it was announced he would be marrying a girl named Kate, I sheepishly thought, there's no way that's a coincidence.

And I definitely liked N'SYNC - but I literally remember having heart palpitations over Taylor Hanson. And the thing is, this kind of love felt so real to me back then.
Which makes me wonder if they've ever really studied the anatomy of the preteen celeb crush psychology that keeps "musicians" like The Jonas Brothers and Justin Beiber a consistent entertainment recurrence.
And it really comes at such a clearly definable moment in a girl's life, because now, that type of intense boyband crush seems so far away from me, impossible to understand, bizarre and completely unrealistic.
I mean, the celeb in question really doesn't even need to be empirically good looking or talented. It's more like a freak lightning strike in a bottle , a combination of pushy stage parents and the female hormones of middle school girls going haywire and a quirky haircut or outfit.

Preteen boys go through the same thing, right? Except they don't really uniformally choose a young icon on which to pin their hormones on. It's more like an array of adult swimsuit models kinda thing.
The Miley Cyrus phenomenon was pretty much fueled by preteen girls, not boys...

Clearly I'm fascinated by this topic.