Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To The Girl Who Lives On Cherry Street...

Happy Birthday to Kelly Sheline!

Seems like only yesterday we moved into an apartment as pretty much perfect strangers: you, the clean freak and amazing cook. me, more than a little quirky and the owner of an addictive set of Sex and the City DVDs.
Aren't we glad we took that gamble? Well, I know I am.
As I've said before, I hated college until we became friends. And it only went up from there.

So here's to the birthday girl:

Literally a Straight-A, Super Smart, Wise, Giving, Cultured, Conquer-the-World, Stunner.

The best emails.
And mixed CDs.

Not a "ranch dressing" person.

Deciding where she should go to grad school at The Library over beers and a pro/con list.
Braving The Deli together.
A Christmas party at some Norman apartment complex (...please note the awkward picture above).

An actual reader and supporter of this blog!

And (fingers crossed) looking forward to Morocco/Turkey/World this summer...

Playlist for this post:

Ray Lamontagne, Be Here Now
The Weepies, You Can't Go Back Now
Guster, Jesus on the Radio

P.S. Love you and miss you to the moon and back.