Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mason Jar: My Preferred Method of Cup.

So. It's hard to consistently post when I feel etiquette-questionable and skeevy blogging about work, something I spend a majority of time doing or thinking about.
Or, really:
When life's currently pretty perfect, you don't blog.

So. What's up?

Well, I really want Kevin Gillespie to win Top Chef. He's adorable.
It's a new dream to someday own a small, hunter green car.
GRE class.
For some reason I can't stop obsessively searching radio stations for Fireflies by Owl City.
Late night fast food runs with Casey Callahan.
I love Eileen West nightgowns.
Martin Short's Franck in Father of the Bride is one of the best characters of all time. And it's one of the best movies of all time. I would like Steve Martin to be considered a good friend. Well, Steve Martin and Alisha Keys.
I have no idea what to be for Halloween.
Tuesday breakfasts with Beth.
Wine night with Colbs.
Skyping with Parisian Jenna.
I had a great OU/TX weekend in Dallas - minus the losing part: FRIENDS, free and impromptu Erykah Badu/Polyphonic Spree concert, hospitality and homemade food, our lawn chair setup at Riverside Park and the unbeatable gameday atmosphere, Amanda Morrow looking tear-inducing beautiful in every wedding dress she tried on, driving with Paige...
Whitney Houston's voice in I Will Always Love You is incredible.
I just generally love museums, but I'd die to see this SENDAK IN SOHO exhibit here.
Pumpkin picking out + pumpkin carving + pumpkin pie + perfect October weather.

I love ambiguity. Especially in song lyrics. But also in life: future plans, blog posts, relationships, work, values, communication, religion, etc.
There's freedom for me in mystery and openendedness and multiple meanings.
However, I'm trying for less ambiguity. More clarity. Because maybe there's freedom in commitment as well.