Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Reading List:

(...summery foods Meg ate in Hawaii).

August is almost over, thus ending my favorite part of the year for reading.
Books I read this summer, or am determined to get through by the end of the week:

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
Interpreter of Maladies.
The Right Stuff.
The Death and Life of Great American Cities.
Nasty Bits.
Chronicles, Volume 1.
The Joy Luck Club.
My Life in France.
The Time Traveler's Wife.
A Confederacy of Dunces.
Flannery O'Connor short story collection.
The Optimist's Daughter.

And, in more bookworm news...

Books converted to movies.
As a book lover, I've learned to view the two as separate entities. So while my sister gets upset about what was left out or misrepresented in the latest Harry Potter movie (like she does with every Harry Potter movie...), I can enjoy both by keeping them completely apart from each other.

Instead, I think the hardest part for me is the reality that people will see the movie and never experience the book I so loved.
...that my youngest sister will miss out on the overwhelming experience of devouring every page of a Harry Potter book.
...that people watch the Sex and the City movie and think that could possibly represent what seven entire seasons of character development and groundbreaking subject matter were all about.

Two of my all-time favorite, favorite books (Veronika Decides to Die and The Lovely Bones) are being made into movies.
And the trailers are, of course, not at all how I pictured the stories in my head.
I'm still excited. I mean, The Lovely Bones is directed by Peter Jackson and Veronika Decides to Die has Sarah Michelle Geller in it (...and even though she's so not Veronika, I always secretly root for Buffy to succeed).
I guess I'm just begging everyone: please go read these books before you see the movie.