Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Get Yourself Free.

(More old photos).
Parry family station wagon, driven on countless camping, rock climbing and kayaking trips.
And why my mom has no pop culture references from her childhood.

Grand Teton mountain range in the background. Most beautiful view in the world.

(big thank you to Andrew Bluebond for finding this).

So I now have a tumblr.
It'll pretty much be just like this, but less words, more images.

I could spend a lifetime on these sites: Flashdance and Our Labor of Love.
Makes you think a) Life is awesome! b) Can I please be invited to all of these?

Amy Wells, the set decorator for Mad Men, was on NPR today. So, set decorator = coolest job ever.
Cool sets: all James Bond interiors - esp. from the '60s and '70s, Monica's apartment and Central Perk...

Totally obsessed with listening to...

Lullaby, Dixie Chicks
(Recently heard on an episode of True Blood so dug it out of the iPod archive). One of the most beautiful, simple love songs.

A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill, Jens Lekman
This song is definitive summertime: trumpet, hand claps, chorus and vocals barely make it over the background noise of an outdoor party so vivid it feels like you're there.

With a Girl Like You, The Troggs
Love. Really cool love.

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Paul Simon
Gosh, I love you Paul Simon.