Sunday, September 9, 2012

the wall.

These are my Instagrams I took of the wall while in Bethlehem.
The wall is basically a security barrier separating Israel from Palestinian Authority controlled areas in the West Bank.
(The graffiti includes a few of the famous Banksys).

There were so many things I got to see and do on this trip that I would certainly classify as life-changers: this one is definitely up there.
I think a trip into some of the Palestinian controlled cities (definitely like Bethlehem) (but probably/obviously not the Gaza Strip) should be a necessary part of any trip to Israel.
Because you will see: people trying their best to go about their lives same as you and me. (and, if in Bethlehem, the Church of the Nativity!)

I take no side: it's an insanely complicated and painful issue that I can barely take a stab at.
Instead, what I took away from the wall is:
1. Walls are ugly things.
2. Trust no politician who makes this issue out to be simple, who talks in good versus bad terms.