Friday, July 27, 2012

culture club.

(walker doing the dead sea float - it really is quite the experience).

jerusalem: i love how friday mornings are busy, busy, busy. it's like everyone is out running errands in preparation for an imminent snowstorm. how an entire city shuts down at dusk the same evening, not to open up again for an entire 24 hours. saturday shabbat is certainly not the sunday sabbath in america - forget the lost profits, everything is closed, today we are untouchable. and people running to their family's shabbat dinner with braids of bread and bottles of wine under their arms.

nazareth: i love how the call to prayer washes over a city. especially during ramadan. when i have to remember not to torture people by chugging water right in front of them during the desert heat of the day. the men flipping tiny pancakes in the streets for katayef: later stuffed with goat's cheese or cinnamon walnuts and doused with geranium syrup. kids running wild once the sun goes down. and the most powerful of all, the large group of men praying in the plaza for the breaking of the fast, the neat rows of prayer rugs, the coordinated movements and chanting.