Monday, June 25, 2012

sometimes i get a good feeling.

sometimes i think 25 may be the age of panic.

i mean, there are people my age who are married, getting promoted, having babies, buying homes, contributing to retirement funds, operating on live humans, etc.
and since i want a few of those things eventually too, the fact that it's all so out of reach at present can really make it seem like i missed some sort of bus to the land of comfort and stability -- doomed to an eternal life as one of the main characters in HBO's Girls.
(side note: i enjoy Girls, while also finding them truly offensive and pathetic).

so instead, i'm making myself a fan of the little goals:
- like, the day i can afford to own a really nice blender will be an epic day in my life. monumental.
- or a july with my boyfriend in Israel and Jordan, filled with goat cheese caves, world wonders, writing, and the promise of the best hummus of my life.
- to make the crack pie from Momofuku Milk Bar. (recipe here).
- to understand tax law.
- etc.

thus, my challenge is: not to panic. not to let the panic waste so much of my time. and not to let the panic force me to lose that all-important tool in the life skills kit: perspective.

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