Sunday, April 15, 2012

stop and smell the roses.

simple things: a rose from my boyfriend on the bedside table.
a simple weekend: in which I was supposed to get SO MUCH WORK DONE.

and instead:

flipped between Mike Morgan and Rick Mitchell in frustrated anticipation: in a constant state of wait, can't go to bed, over-analyze the closet v. the bathtub situation, drink wine while enthralled by storm chaser footage, go outside to check the sky every hour, etc.
deep cleaned my room.
* i reorganize my room about four times a year - a trait inherited from my mother (we would often come home to find our living room in the dining room): need to re-energize? need a fresh, clean start? my solution: move your furniture around.
deep cleaned the bathroom, a true sign of spring fever/avoidance.
made rice crispy treats.
and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
and balsamic-coated strawberries.
and poached eggs.
and pasta.
attempted to find the elusive Waffle Champion.
closely monitored Lamar Odom's breakdown.
dragged Walker to run the Redbud 5k in perfect weather: oh, I love these kinds of things.