Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i wish you were here.

Let's begin with this:

2011 Israel Protests

In June 2011, the rising price of cottage cheese in Israel, where the product is a staple, caused a nationwide uproar. Across the country, tens of thousands of Israelis organized on Facebook and boycotted the cheese in protest. The issue was even debated in the Knesset. The protest resulted in many of the major dairy producers, including Tnuva and the Strauss Group, reducing the cost of their cottage cheese.[5] The protests coincided with the release of a Knesset report that food prices in the country rose 26% against a meager 2.6% rise in wages [6].

...Walker told me there were serious cottage cheese protests going on, which I brushed off until I found out it's Wikipedia official.

I also get to hear about spice markets in the old city that burn your eyebrows off upon entering them.
About hummus, lots and lots and lots of hummus. (Or homos as its called over there, which I find confusing). And pistachio-sprinkled pastries.
About the Arab bus system versus the Jewish bus system and what a sad state of affairs leads to this kind of a separation.
About this restaurant I would love in Nazareth.
About renting a nine-passenger van for a roommate roadtrip.
About the river people at the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River.
About being packed inside Jesus' supposed tomb.
About a marketplace street party that's so Kate - where a trumpet band played Devil Went Down to Georgia in Jerusalem.
About the billions of street cats.
About missing fountain Cokes.

I get to hear that I would love it there.
I get to feel so lucky to be included.

My soundtrack for these stories:
The Sinister Minister, Béla Fleck.
Hate It Here, Wilco.
Ojos Así, Shakira.
Gold for Bread, Blitzen Trapper.