Friday, September 18, 2009

Annnnnd Beyonce Wins At Life. Plus Other Tidbits To Catch Up With.

Image 1 (via OurBlogofLove) indicates my newfound, pure and absolute love for pugs. I have never in my life been the kind of person who ooohs and ahhhhs over adorable animals (...only well-dressed children), but lately their wrinkled faces have made me die from cuteness.

Image 2 indicates my obsession with the really cool, endlessly awesome to click through site: Springwise

Portland. (Biscuits).

Texas. (A well-written article on the execution of an innocent man in Texas. Beyond moving. Worth the read).

In his opinion, Supreme Court Justice Scalia declared that, in the modern judicial system, there has not been “a single case—not one—in which it is clear that a person was executed for a crime he did not commit. If such an event had occurred in recent years, we would not have to hunt for it; the innocent’s name would be shouted from the rooftops.”

When in Dallas. (Coconut custard for true lovers of coconut).

On racist motivation behind the 9/12 protests: "I saw more black people at an 11am screening of Julie & Julia." - Jimmy Carter impersonation on SNL

The blogs are all a twitter about NYFW (New York Fashion Week, duh). And I'm loving every tweet of it.
I think it's okay to be so completely over the Louis Vuition bags and still have a life goal to go to a fashion week in NYC or Milan or Paris, even just to hang around and soak up the Marc Jacobs, Vena Cava, Zac Posen, Marchesa, Chloe, Proenza Schouler, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Costello Tagliapietra...

Yay for SAFRA (Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibilty Act) passing in the House! Now on to the Senate...
I spent a day in D.C. trying to get college students to write letters to their representatives about this. My line was, "Hey, do you think college should be more affordable?" All the college students that ever stopped to talk to me were minorities. Truth.

Finished The Road in two nights. Truly impossible to put down, it just flows.
(Not to be confused with On the Road. Which I keep doing).

Black, Pete Yorn.
Tricky, Run-DMC.

Ate at Sage. Yum! Up next: I really want to eat at Big Truck Tacos.

Life lesson: Be responsive.

All my love across the miles.