Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Mode.

It's come to my attention that my blog resembles every other girls' blog out there in the blogosphere. I feel unoriginal.
Maybe I'll resolve this by committing to Twitter...
Or by becoming more original...

I saw Star Trek last night.
With my dad.
At Kickingbird.
And can I just say that I would trade all of the world's Bricktown Harkins and Warren-like theaters for one Kickingbird 8. I just love its simplicity.
I remember loving it during the middle school and high school years, because I could go there with my family and not be embarrassed, because everyone my age would be at the one at the mall. And if someone did happen to be at Kickingbird, they were similarly with their parents and just as ashamed.
I'm glad I'm past that stage now - being embarrassed to be seen at the movies with my parents.
Because seeing a movie with my parents is awesome - its paid for and includes overpriced popcorn. Even if my mom is the one in the audience persistently asking, "Oh my gosh, what's going to happen next!?" in her loudest tone.
I also really enjoyed Star Trek
Mostly because I like how J.J. Abrams recycles his actors. He was on NPR's Talk of the Nation the other day and seemed genuinely nice.
However, I am confused as to what exactly the "red matter" was/how it originated. I feel that element was not sufficiently explained, but if you can get past that...

I'm also completely perplexed by:
the Violent Femmes' lyric: big hands, i know you're the one...

I have successfully memorized all of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" while running.

I have no idea where my diploma is. Maybe I left it in the Union...

So I was reading an article on Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN, and became completely overwhelmed by her impossibly rigorous resume and schedule.
Sometimes I feel like I'm Maggie Gyllenhaal's character in Stranger Than Fiction, when she goes to Harvard law school only to find she really just loved to bake.
This is all to say, I like being productive, but things like sleeping-in and wasting entire afternoons doing nothing are also extremely important to me.

Advice I got recently from my mom's landscape architect colleague, that seems like it should be a no-brainer, but for some reason isn't:
Network and make connections, but only with people you like and respect. Don't waste time with people you don't really care for - no matter their position or advantage. 


Summer Soundtrack: Santagold's Lights Out and The Cure. (Thanks to Kori).

While I continue to float. (Thanks to Whitney for the perfect word to describe this current stage of life).